Skyler Hagner

Performer, Composer, Educator

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Scene's From Many Lives @ Chris' Jazz Cafe

"Scenes from Many Lives" is a cycle of tone poems that depict defining moments, circumstances, and aspects of the lives of artists of various cultural backgrounds, as they create and attempt to produce work that speaks to the many problems we face in our world today. The conditions of these artists are highlighted and explored in musical detail, addressing many individual and collective experiences, including insights into the lives of marginalized and disenfranchised racial groups, women’s rights, police brutality, conservationism, institutional religious conventions, and much more. The intention of the work is to establish open, productive, and promising dialogue among people of all walks of life – to progress into a brighter future as a more unified and understanding society. The work, which is written for expanded chamber ensemble and incorporates a large variety of musical idioms and styles, includes multiplatform facets such as audio/visual media and spoken word. The personnel features some of the best and brightest talents from Philadelphia, Boston and New York City, and will highlight the creative ingenuity of young artists. The project is a further development of Scenes from the Life of a Young Man from Philadelphia.

Earlier Event: July 2
Waterbury CT POPS
Later Event: July 7
Soul Patch at Hotel Fiesole